ISIS Holistic Clinic has closed due to the sale of the building in which we had our lovely business.  So each of the ISIS therapists has relocated their practices to other local locations. 

If you were looking to book an appointment, please call 617-734-4708 and we can help you with that, or you can feel free to contact any of the therapists below to schedule with them directly:


Dr. Karen Clickner - Naturopathic Medicine, Nutrition, Myofascial Release Therapy
You may also contact Karen by phone at 857-891-0991 with any questions or concerns. 

Kate Leighton - Colonic Hydrotherapy, Nutrition, Massage Therapy

Krystal Arnone - Colonic Hydrotherapy, Detoxification Advice

Earnest Gildon - Massage Therapy, Sports & Event Therapy, Thai Bodywork, Movement Therapy

Nova Wright - Esthetics, Spa Therapy, Lymph Drainage

"The health of every cell in your body at this moment is the determining factor of how you will age and whether you will develop a life-threatening illness later in life." - Dr. Karen S. Clickner, R.N.D.



Take a virtual tour of our beautiful clinic! Watch our new video, and see our slideshow.
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We're always looking at the latest videos about natural living.  Here are our current favorites:

Pill Poppers - a new BBC documentary that explores the more than 14,000 pills that we take every year.  Are they really doing what they are supposed to?

Sweet Misery - the story of Aspartame

Under Our Skin -  the hidden story of chronic Lyme Disease

The Drugging of Our Children -  the epidemic of ADD & ADHD

Killer at Large - Obesity kills.  Watch this incredible documentary clip!

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