Detox Lymphatic Body Therapy

Detox Lymph Drainage of the Body at ISISOur Detox Lymphatic Drainage from Switzerland provides immediate and noticeable changes in the health of the individual, reducing chronic edema, improving immune deficiency, respiratory issues, allergies, liver problems, cysts and bacterial issues.  There is no other treatment that has such an incredible effect on our health nor such a lasting effect on every body system simply by detoxifying our body at a cellular level and removing those toxins to exit pathways.  The superficial lymph is an essential transfer medium for vital materials to move from the blood to the cells, and for cellular debris to move away from the cellular environment into the blood.  In this way the blood feeds the lymph, and the lymph feeds the cells, making the drainage of intercellular lymph one of the most crucial of all bodily functions.

Phytobiodermie Lymph Drainage at ISISAt ISIS we have developed comprehensive body treatments using our Detox Lymphatic Drainage that combine oils, muds, light, heat, herbs, algae and vibration to change the energy, metabolism and life force of the body.  Treatments are done following the meridian pathways of the body and identifying symptoms based on discord between your dominant Chinese Element and the season at hand.  With our body treatments you can prevent a cold at the same time as you prevent wrinkles.  This is the very future of health, longevity and vitality.

Ofuro Detox Bath at ISISStart with our FAR Infrared Sauna or our amazing Chinese Five Element balancing baths.  These baths are all algae-based with herbs and essential oils to enhance drainage, regulate circulation, stimulate body tone, energize with warmth and cool down the inner fire of menopause. We also have a wonderful Ivy Slimming Bath that does not contain algae, but instead uses ivy extract and essential oils to reduce fluid retention in tissue and smooth the appearance of orange-peel skin.  

Detox Lymphatic Drainage can be enhanced tremendously by combining treatments and adding acupuncture, colonics and herbal therapy.  In this way you are providing healing for the body that works with the body's natural restorative methods.  So each session actually teaches the body how to stay healthier, stronger and younger more naturally and with less effort.  

A study of cases of HIV infection done by the University of Miami School of Medicine showed that the effects of lymphatic drainage included a significant increase in the natural killer cell number, a significant decrease in anxiety and an increase in relaxation.  What more needs to be said?  

Elemental Lymph Body Treatment - this is a combination of lymph drainage of the body that involves treatment with our Elemental muds, oils, herbs and algae to rebalance the skin as well as the meridian structure beneath the skin.  We recommend this treatment seasonally or more often if you are working to resolve a skin condition such as Rosacea, Psoriasis, Eczema, excessive dryness or the effects of aging.  Sessions are 2 hours in length. 

Decongestive Body Lymph Treatment - this is a basic lymphatic treatment of the body using our lymphatic drainage therapy applied over a natural lubricant, which focuses on detoxifying and decongesting the lymphatic system allowing for more efficient lymph movement.  It boosts immunity, reduces edema and is designed to be done once a week for three weeks.  Provided in a series of three 1 hour treatment sessions.

ISIS Elemental Lymph Body TreatmentElemental Lymph Breast Treatment - the breast area of women is completely ignored by both conventional and holistic therapists alike.  In fact, this treatment, designed in Europe, is the only one of its kind in the world to help reduce the formation of cysts and calcium deposits in the breast tissue, while reducing swelling, discomfort and pain that is common in many women.  This comprehensive treatment involves our lymph drainage, chromalight therapy and vibration with detoxifying clay masks and Phyt'Ether essential oils and gels to stimulate the circulatory pathways and help to detoxify toxic deposits in breast tissue.  You can extend the effects of your breast treatment with our Natural Swiss Phyto Breast Kit for home use.  This is the best way to increase your odds of a clear mammogram!  Treatments are 45 minutes.

Get a Perfect Result From Cosmetic Surgery With our Lymphatic Drainage

Recently there have been numerous studies and articles pointing out the amazing benefits of our Swiss Phyto Lymphatic Drainage before and after any cosmetic surgery.  Interviews with hundreds of patients showed that all cosmetic surgery affects the lymphatic system and its vessels.  One of the biggest side effects that lessened healing and reduced positive change was congestion or blockage of the lymphatic system.  Lymph drainage treatments reduced swelling, bruising, breakouts and irregularities of the skin following cosmetic surgery procedures.

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