Detox Lymphatic Facial Therapy

Chromalift Lymphatic Treatment at ISISDetoxification of the Face is essential to address many conditions of the head such as headaches, acne, tinnitis, hearing problems, vision disturbances, cysts, neuralgia and even rosacea.  We offer two different approaches to the face with our Lymphatic Facials: The Chromalift Non-Surgical Facial Lifting Treatment and our Elemental Lymphatic Facial Treatment.

These unique detoxifying treatments of the face combine gentle machine administered lymphatic drainage with Chromatherapy, light and Phytobiodermie energy-activated clays and gels for an intensive purifying and detoxifying effect. This award-winning Swiss technique has even been used as an alternative to cosmetic surgery in elite treatment centers throughout the world.  This is one of the most effective and dramatic healing therapies available, creating changes in the skin and tissues of the head instantly.  It is much more effective than simple manual lymphatic drainage, and the effects last longer as well.

Both therapeutic facials include face and scalp massage with healing essential oils that correspond to your chinese element.

The Chromalift: Non-Surgical Facial Lifting Treatment

Phytobiodermie Clays of the FaceThis incredible patented treatment is the most natural way to achieve visible results in just one treatment.  Using the lymphatic drainage technology with techniques for the eyes, neck and forehead, laugh lines and signs of aging disappear.  The results become more lasting with return treatments.  So one treatment is the perfect thing for a special event or a photo session, while series of three will give not only change the appearance of the skin, but the health of the skin itself, eliminating cysts, reducing brown spots and producing a healthy glow from within.  Each session is 75 minutes.  

The Elemental Lymphatic Facial Treatment

Focusing on the meridians of the face, this treatment utilizes multiple layers of clays and Phyt'Ether essential oil blends to stimulate or relax the energy of congested areas of the face.  This helps to reduce acneic breakouts, heal inflamed areas and reduce the redness of rosacea.  This treatment also allows us to identify your dominant birth element from Chinese Five Element Theory and to bring that element into balance with the rest of your body and with the season at hand to give you lasting, glowing, gorgeous skin ... naturally. 

ISIS Elemental Lymphatic FacialThere is no other treatment in the world that can truly change your skin, even after one treatment.

Look at the Meridians of the face...