Natural Colonoscopy Prep Program

Bowel test Our ISIS Colon Prep Program - $450.00.00 beginning one week before your bowel test **

One of the most difficult aspects of any colonoscopy is the preparation.  Generally this involves fasting on liquids and taking any one of a number of horrifying and sickening laxative substances to clear out material from the intestinal region. Many of these substances are synthetically derived and actually strip the intestinal tract of necessary microflora and minerals.  These preparations can range from sodium phosphate to isotonic saline solutions, polyethylene glycol to magnesium citrate. But all of them have side-effects ranging from severe laxative effects to nausea, dizziness, vomiting, anal irritation, diarrhea and severe mineral imbalances, not to mention the almost consistent strong abdominal cramping sensations.  One popular option, Phospho-Soda by C.B. Fleet Labs was even recalled because of concerns that it causes kidney damage. 

After many years of helping people prepare for bowel tests, I.S.I.S. has devised a preparatory plan to not only prepare you for your bowel test, but will also act as a short intestinal cleanse.   After all the purpose of the prep is to allow your bowel test to show as much of the lining of the colon as possible without obstruction.  There is nothing better for obtaining that result naturally than our Colonoscopy Prep Program.  

So we provide a natural combination of herbs, fibers and gut flora along with the incredible and effective therapy of colonics. Colon Hydrotherapy has been shown in studies to actually cleanse the lining of the colon more effectively than the colonoscopy prep provided by the doctor alone and there are virtually no side effects or misery associated with this approach.  

The last piece of our colonoscopy prep is based on the research of Dr. Hiromi Shinya, the physician who pioneered modern colonoscopy techniques and invented one of the common tools used in the procedure to remove polyps discovered during the procedure.  Dr. Shinya has been a devoted believer in the benefits of Kangen Water for the health of the gut and the amazing rejuvenative changes that can be made in the colon by drinking this anti-oxidant, alkaline water for a period of time.  Because of this we also include in our Colonoscopy Prep Program unlimited Kangen drinking water for you to have throughout your preparatory week.  We recommend drinking ½ your body weight in ounces each day to fully cleanse the lining of the gut. 

Many of our clients have commented that by using our preparation instructions, their physicians noted how great their tests were!  Our prep program is currently recommended by physicians at Brigham & Women's hospital and the results have been great. 

But first there are a few things to consider:

1) If you have never had a bowel test before, we do not recommend you relying on our prep alone.  It is better to do it in conjunction with the traditional prep provided by your physician.  Once you know how your bowel reacts to the prep and the test, then you can opt to do just our natural prep the next time.

2) If you tend to be severely constipated, we again recommend you doing this in conjunction with the prep provided by your physician.  Our natural prep is not designed for severely constipated individuals, so you may also want to add additional colonic hydrotherapy sessions starting two weeks before your test for it to be more effective.

3) Please be sure to tell your physician that you would like to do our natural prep so they are aware of what you are doing. Whether you intend to add it to the traditional prep provided by your physician, or wish to do it in place of that, your physician needs to be aware of what you are doing.

4) Do not make the mistake of thinking that a colonic session or two alone will prepare you sufficiently for your colonoscopy.  The formulas that we provide are important, as well as the timing of the colonics in relation to your scheduled colonoscopy time.

Our Natural Colonoscopy Prep

Beginning one week prior to the test you will need to purchase our Colonoscopy Prep Herbal Kit and pick up your Kangen Ionized Water. We recommend placing your order a few weeks ahead to be sure you have everything you need in a timely fashion.  The Herbal Kit includes the following:

•   Whole Food Fiber or Gastro-Fiber which are both organic powdered food-based fibers to cleanse debris from the intestinal tract and exercise the muscles of the gut.  Whole Food Fiber is in a powdered form, is gluten and psyllium-free, and is generally more effective particularly for women.  Gastro-Fiber is in a capsule and tends to work better for people with no bowel regularity issues and most men.  You will want to take 1 scoop three times each day of the Whole Food Fiber between meals or at least 30 minutes prior to meals every day during this week.   Alternatively, you would be taking 2 capsules of the Gastro-Fiber twice each day.

•   Colax Intestinal Formula which is a natural herbal intestinal stimulant.  The amount you take is variable depending on your normal bowel frequency.  Beginning dose is 1 tablet each morning and evening with your meal.  If you do not have at least two complete bowel movements per day, then increase the formula to 2 tablets each dose.  

•   Pharmax Synbiotic Intensive Intestinal Microflora, a simple powder that will stabilize the immunity of the gut and help in breaking down organic material.  Simply mix this gentle powder into juice before bed each night (juice is essential as the sugar is an important micronutrient for gut flora to establish).  This is seven days of packets for the week before your test.

•   Magnesium Lactate helps to relax the muscles of the gut and pelvic floor while rebalancing the mineral substrate of the body.  This is especially important if you have a history of dehydration, constipation or muscle cramping.  But it is not to be used if you have a history of rapid bowel function, diarrhea, colitis or Crohn's Disease).  Take 1 to 2 capsules with each meal. 

*    HLC Antibiotic Care Capsules are a follow-up gut flora of acidophilus and bifidus for after your colonoscopy.  Take 1 each evening before dinner beginning after your colonoscopy session.

Then there is our natural, gravity-flow Colonic Hydrotherapy.  Your program includes three colonic sessions, one at the beginning of your prep week, a second one two days before your test and then one the evening before or morning of your colonoscopy.  You must have your last  session at a time when you will be fasting from that point until your colonoscopy which is why we recommend it the morning of your colonoscopy or the night before.  These therapy sessions are particularly important if you have a history of constipation or issues with relaxation of your abdominal muscles and pelvic floor.  Many patients also elect to get the colonic hydrotherapy sessions along with the traditional prep provided by the physician to help clear debris from the colon and make the diagnostic test more effective.

** There is an additional $35.00 if you have not had a colonic with us before, or if it has been more than 2 years since your last colonic session.

Call our reception desk to order your complete program kit and to schedule your sessions at 617.734.4708.

Download our complete instruction booklet.  If you have any questions in preparing for your bowel test, please don't hesitate to let us know.