Seventh Day Slimming Cleanse

Seventh Day Perfect Cleanse at ISISComplete Weight Loss Program for seven days - $675.00.

It is perfect for eliminating sugar cravings, dropping some weight, boosting your energy and slimming your body lines. With its focus on the liver, it is also the best way to reduce allergies, skin issues and liver congestion.  Whether you are changing your life, or changing into a bikini, this program can get you there in one week’s time!

If you are looking for an intensive cleanse for weight loss, then this is the cleanse for you!  The Natural Detox Kit that is provided with this program gives you whole food fiber, complete nutritional compounds, herbal cleanse compounds and special blends for balancing blood sugar metabolism and cleansing the liver.  

One Week Natural Herbal Detox Program - a combination of clinically proven formulas to really jump start weight loss. These are all perfectly safe to continue for longer than the seven days of this cleanse for continuing benefits!:
* Livco (40 tablets) intensive herbal liver cleanse. Take 2 before breakfast and 2 before dinner.
* Gymnema (40 tablets) Ayurvedic formula to eliminate sugar cravings.  Take 2 before breakfast and 2 before dinner.
* Coleus Forte (60 tablets) is an herbal formula that helps promote healthy thyroid function for metabolic balance. Take 2 before breakfast and 2 before dinner.
* Arginex (90 tablets) is a natural food-based kidney cleanser to help eliminate water weight and reduce urinary tract issues. Take 3 with each meal (9 per day).
* Whole Food Fiber is a powdered organic food fiber to help promote healthy elimination and cleanse the digestive tract.
* Colax (40 tablets)is an herbal formula that helps to stimulate bowel function and prevent constipation issues.  Take 1 or 2 tablets before breakfast and dinner; adjust until good bowel regularity and form is achieved.

Unlimited FAR Infrared Sauna - you can choose to come in daily to burn off as much as 600 calories in 30 minutes while detoxifying your body, reducing scars and wrinkles and lifting seasonal depression.

2 Phyto Slimming Experience Sessions - this is our ultimate two hour contouring and reducing treatment including lymphatic drainage, light therapy, natural colored detoxifying clays and our special Slimming Serum followed by our famous Ivy Slimming Bath.  You receive

Unlimited Kangen Ionized water - numerous clinical studies have shown that ionized water is incredible for weight loss

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