ISIS Guide to Ageless Skin

ISIS Guide to Ageless SkinEveryone is looking for perfect skin, not just when they’re young, but as they age.  In fact, the skin is one of the first areas of the body to show age. The most common symptom of aging of the skin is the loss of mobility and flexibility. This is due to a process called cross-linking, commonly known as wrinkling. Cross-linking is a binding process whereby cells that are normally independent of each other become damaged, losing their cellular integrity and becoming glued together. This is purely the result of free radical chemical reactions. The largest stimulation to free radical activity and therefore wrinkling is dehydration. 

Throughout our lives, we have a tendency to not only drink insufficient amounts of water, we tend to replace water with soft drinks, alcohol, juices or even energy drinks.  Then when we are exposed to pollutants, stress, chemicals in our food and our beverages, we are exposing our body to millions of free radicals and damage will occur from the inside beginning at a cellular level.  After years of assault, the results will begin to show in our skin.  In fact, our skin is the reflection of our lifestyle choices.  The visible aspect of this process begins generally in our late 40's as the integrity of the collagen in our skin begins to stiffen, break down and collapse as a result of free radical exposure.  In fact, sun damage is actually the result of the amount of free radical damage your skin has already sustained, which explains why one woman can have extensive sun damage, while another who also sunbathes, will have little or none. 

This process of skin aging can even be accelerated with the presence of excess sugar in the blood that reacts with the skin proteins, a process called glycation. In fact the skin of diabetics ages 30% faster because of the glycation action of sugar. We also tend to make less collagen with age, so our skin loses its natural elasticity. Another problem can be lack of essential amino acids, particularly those that are heat-sensitive or heat-labile. This can cause excessive sagging of the skin which speeds the development of wrinkling and ages the skin dramatically.

Elemental PhilosophyThe Elemental Philosophy

The skin requires at least 21 days in order to rejuvenate and for all the cells to replicate.  Therefore if you plan to spend four weeks focusing on your skin, you can not only treat the skin, removing years of wear and tear visibly from the skin, but also learn about the ways in which you make choices that accelerate the aging process of your skin.  By working with your lifestyle choices and understanding the effects of these choices on the skin, you can prevent up to 60% of accelerated skin degeneration.  By the end of the four weeks, you will have fewer wrinkles, reduced cellulite, more flexibility in the skin and scars will be less visible.  This will provide more lasting natural results than any surgical or invasive technique available today.   The therapies and products that are suggested here are not only natural, they are the culmination of years of clinical research in Europe and testing with thousands of our own clients.  And this is not just about the face.  Skin doesn’t end at the chin or neck, it extends over every inch of your body right to the bottom of your feet and the tips of your fingers.  So treatment of the skin must cover the entire body as well in order to maintain a lasting result. 

First we begin with your skin’s natural element. The skin products and treatments that you have used throughout your life have always been based on the idea that skin is normal, oily or dry, or a combination of these. In fact, the skin is actually an extension of the tissues of the body. It is alive just as all of our other tissues are. We would never think of treating the inside of the body simply as normal, oily or dry, so why the skin? Instead try to see the skin in the same way you view your liver or your heart... as a system that works best when in balance.

The Chinese do this best by treating the skin differently in different seasons.   In the Chinese Five Element theory, we have a natural biorhythm that follows the seasons as well as a birth biorhythm which is our body's inherent requirements for health. The five elements are wood, fire, earth, metal and water. The interaction between these two biorhythms, that of our birth and that of the season, can create imbalances which affect not just our body systems, but also our skin. 

Detox Lymphatic Drainage at ISISNatural compounds have been developed to bring these two elemental aspects into balance and to provide insight into the weaknesses and imbalances that are natural to your skin in certain seasons.  For instance, Fire imbalances will cause red, sensitive and blotchy skin, even couperose.  There will be excessive perspiration and a red, irritated scalp. This person may also have problems with arterial circulation.  So Fire skins will have a much more difficult time in the summer, when perspiration and heat are at a high level.  Fire skins will need cooling compounds to balance the excessive heat from without and within.  Metal skin will have dull, lifeless skin with congestion, puffiness and even a dry, flaky appearance.  Their scalp will be dry with brittle hair and nails.  They may even have a problem with varicose veins.  Metal skin will have a more difficult time in the winter, when artificial heating and low humidity will make the skin even drier.

So any energetic imbalance in the biorhythm can first be seen in the skin even before associated body symptoms may develop. Chinese physicians have been diagnosing diseases and individual health problems based on examining the skin for centuries. Since the skin is a representation of imbalances throughout the body, and is also an extension of the body, logically we should be able to energetically change our body's imbalances simply by treating the skin.  Selecting products that do just that is the most ancient and the newest approach to skin care.  So this is not just about treating skin problems, it is about preventing them by focusing on balancing the body's biorhythm element every day so your skin will give you lasting beauty inside and out.  

Products That Are Elemental

Elemental Skin ProductsThe products that will make the most difference for the skin are those that are based on this elemental theory.  Here at our clinic we use clays, gels, creams, lotions and Phyt’Ether Oils that all provide an energetic therapy for the skin with colors, plants and herbs.  Each therapeutic treatment utilizes an individual assessment of your birth and seasonal elements to create blends of these compounds to restore optimal balance to the skin and perfect health to the underlying tissues of the body that feed and nourish the skin.  In this way every type of skin, every nuance of the skin is addressed, balanced and supported.  Even a condition such as acne may require different compounds in a Fire skin than in a Wood skin, or may need varying formulas in winter than in summer. 

Layering of compounds is another core aspect of these therapeutic techniques.  This allows more elaborate changes to take place.  For instance dryness may require not just more moisture, but less body heat, two results that can be obtained simultaneously with layering.  Layering also can be used to protect delicate skin areas from heat applications that are important for other areas of the skin.  Skin can even have different requirements in different areas.  Earth element skins will tend to have gallbladder weaknesses, so layering over the gallbladder area may actually reduce problems in the skin of the face.   

Ionized Water at ISISHydration

The next aspect that is essential for young, healthy skin and to prevent cross-linking is hydration and the movement of water to and from the skin.  Water is the determining factor in both blood and lymph reaching the delicate skin areas bringing nutrition and oxygen and removing toxic debris, including free radicals. 

The only water that can really dramatically change the skin is ionized Kangen Water™ which is highly antioxidant, eliminating large amounts of free radicals, microclustered which allows for it to be immediately absorbed at the cellular level and very alkaline.  The properties of this amazing ionized water can literally change the texture and health of the skin from within, simply by drinking.   We recommend drinking ½ your body weight in ounces every day of your four week regimen. 

There is also a 5.5 pH Beauty Water which we can provide in a spray bottle for use during washing and to spritz on under moisturizer to restore the normal acid mantle of the skin and protect the skin from the damaging effects of bacteria, wind and chemical agents.   

Maintaining Skin Integrity

The surface of the skin is host to millions of bacteria which help to ward off potential harmful agents, but can cause illness if penetration below the surface of the skin occurs. Standard skin care regimes advocate and encourage extraction techniques for cleaning out the pores of the skin from excess amounts of bacteria.  The problem is that this often introduces exogenous or foreign bacteria that are present on the surface of the skin, through the skin barrier and moves them deeply into the dermal and subdermal layers of the skin.  This will trigger an inflammatory response from the immune system, often manifesting in redness, itching or slight heat and swelling where the extraction occurred. 

Many people mistakenly believe that once these slight symptoms go away, the skin is fine.  But in fact, this bacteria can germinate and infect other areas of the skin and body, creating more serious problems in the future.  The other problem with extraction is that the squeezing and piercing of the skin will create micro-scarring under the skin.  This tiny scar tissue will act as a web, tying down collagen areas, and reducing the elasticity of the skin.  The scars act as anchors that bind the skin, preventing normal movement, and creating deep wrinkles, creases and roughness over time.  Many of the skins we have seen at our clinic are simply extraction damaged. 

Another problem with skin integrity are antibiotics.  The use of antibiotics and antibacterials for any reason has been well known as triggering vaginal infections, yeast overgrowth and other body imbalances.  But what is less known is that the skin also maintains a large healthy bacterial colony which protects the skin.  Antibiotics and antibacterial soaps, especially on the surface of the skin, may kill unwanted bacteria, but it will also indiscriminately poison healthy bacteria as well, leaving the skin vulnerable and unprotected.  For this reason many acne sufferers can only keep their skin under control with the antibiotics, experiencing a surge in breakouts and cysts any time they discontinue the antibiotic use.  On the other hand, someone who has never had skin issues can create an uncontrollable breakout issue simply by using antibacterial soap.  This is because all bacteria of the skin have been eliminated, giving the skin no protection at all.  In fact, something as simple as excessive bathing can upset the skin’s delicate balance.  Within ten hours of bathing, bacteria on the skin has multiplied by 3 and 20% of it will be resistant to antibacterials.

The Bacterial Solution

To restore normalized bacterial levels we recommend our Gut Flora Restoration Plan.  This makes a dramatic difference in the immunity of the skin, reducing inflammation, dryness, breakouts at the same time as it will normalize digestion.  After all the skin and the digestive tract are made of the same tissue and both share bacterial colonies that are vitally important.  For 21 days within your four weeks, you take three products: Vitanox, Gut Flora Complex and HLC High Potency.  This combination of three products is the perfect solution for bacterial distress. 

The Therapies

The therapies that are important address a number of factors that affect the look, texture and firmness of the skin. 

Lymphatic DrainageWe begin with our Chromalift Non-Surgical Face Lifting Treatment is an award-winning Swiss invention that uses a gentle machine action to decongest and enhance the drainage of the lymphatic system.  This delicate system is the elimination system for the toxins of the skin, and also where the immune system of the skin resides.  By using a combination of a gentle pumping action, vibration, beams of light and ancient Chinese Five Element Theory, results can be obtained that are both dramatic and lasting, making painful injections and expensive surgeries unnecessary. 

Along with the Lymphatic Drainage therapy is an adjunctive Natural Eye Lift Treatment.  These dramatic and unique treatments are one of the only therapies for the delicate skin of the eye area available in the U.S.  Lymphatic Drainage is combined with natural toning elements to take years of stress and distress from around the eyes eliminating fine lines, swelling, redness and puffiness.  Often the eyes are the first place to show signs of fatigue and aging, making them essential in enhancing the look and health of the face.

Next is our Detox Lymphatic Drainage of the Body which is a comprehensive therapy that addresses the areas of the body that tend to stagnate creating congestive wrinkles, rolls, dimples and an orange peel effect… in other words cellulite.  By reducing the stagnation and congestion of the fluids around the hips, waist, abdomen, derriere and thighs, not only will skin have a more even texture and healthier appearance, it will firm lines and smooth the silhouette.   This process combines special manual techniques using essential oils and algae extracts to stimulate the skin and to help restore metabolic activity.  This is the best natural treatment to eliminate cellulite and prevent further skin degeneration.  It also is the ultimate one-step treatment for slimming all the body lines.  It provides lasting reductions in inches, water retention and age lines, unlike simple wraps.

FAR Infrared Sauna at ISISFAR Infrared Sauna is the therapy that extends the effects of each and every therapeutic treatment that you do.  This amazing technology is completely different from traditional steams or dry saunas.  By using infrared light each 30 minute session can burn up to 600 calories.  At the same time it does detoxify the skin through increasing perspiration, but it will also reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, scars and sun damage.  It does this by healing the skin at a deeper level than conventional saunas and increasing circulation to the skin tissues.  This light therapy has been used by doctor, dermatologists and European hospitals for many years to heal skin damage and restore collagen synthesis.  It is the most effective way to restore the soft, natural glow that is the sign of healthy skin.  But the real lasting benefit is the strengthening of your natural immunity, circulation and cellular metabolism.

Colonic Hydrotherapy is a therapy used for centuries, but what we have discovered is that since the skin and the digestive tract share bacterial colonies, types of tissue and immunity, then the skin is the reflection of your gut’s internal environment.  If you have a history of constipation, then your skin will become congested, cystic and the pH will shift dramatically leading to acne.  You need to reestablish normal bowel function and optimal bowel health and colonic hydrotherapy is the best way to do this.  Along with colonics you should be taking a whole food fiber to help cleanse and regulate your bowel activity. 

For even more effect, we recommend our comprehensive 21 Day Home Purification Kit. This can be the core of your four week rejuvenation plan, providing a comprehensive herbal internal cleanse that will help to clean out the body systems and give you a fresh start.  This is especially recommended if you have skin problems including rashes, breakouts or psoriasis in other locations besides the face.  By combining a healthy, natural high fiber diet with a clinically proven group of nutritional and detoxifying products, you can not only change the skin and the digestive tract, but you can change long-term eating habits, cravings, and symptoms throughout the body. 

If you need support during your four weeks, we offer a great private coaching session known as Food For Healing, Food For Life.  For lasting change to happen even after the end of your four weeks, you need to look at your daily diet.  If food has been an underlying issue for you throughout your life, then now is the time to change.  It can eliminate skin problems, weight gain and other body symptoms not just once, but always.  It gives you the tools to have great skin with recipes, eating plans and support. 

And the last step!  Our Phyto Home Facial Kit, a product kit to enhance and extend the effects of your therapies at home.  We highly recommend this as a follow-up to your program to continue protecting your skin even after your therapy is concluded.

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